Technology: Director Seeks Improved Funding of Research Works

A Director in the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, Adeleye Talabi, has advocated improved financing of scientific research works for advancement of indigenous technology.

Talabi, who is the Director, Department of Technology Acquisition and Assessment, gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Thursday in Abuja.

``We need a lot of technological inputs; technological input means we should develop the technology by ourselves.

``If assistance is going to come from the developed nations, it may come, but we should not rely on them 100 per cent, because there is what I might term international politics in science and technology sphere.

``The technologies that they have over and above us, which they use to classify themselves as developed nation, they would not want us to have such technologies to that very high level.

``But, if we have it to the sophisticated level like they do, we will be very stable competitors to them in the international market and we may even grab the market from them internationally which they would not want us to have.’’

He said efforts should be made to promote the development of indigenous technology so that the country would be less dependent on the developed countries in many sectors of the economy.

He said that the Asian Tigers, namely: Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, and India, among others - who were once on the same level of technological development with Nigeria, had advanced greatly while Nigeria remained backward.

``We should go back to history and see the kind of technology that we were using that is indigenous technologies that were home grown.

``So, it is left to us to see that our home grown technology is developed to a very high level.

``We should even advance beyond the leading countries, so that we can also be global competitors in the field of science and technology.’’

He said the financial and human resources as well as the abundant natural resources should be properly harnessed to uplift the country.

On science museum, he said the ministry would develop the sector in the benefit of the country.

``There are artefacts related to science and technology especially about warfare in the historical museum in the country.

``The ministry as a vanguard for the promotion, propagation and the advancement of science and technology in Nigeria will develop science museum.’’