Stakeholders Seek Local Content Policy In Telecoms Industry

Mr. Austin Okere, Chairman of the Computer Warehouse Group has joined other stakeholders to advocate the right type of local content policy in the telecoms industry.
Okere, however, stated that Nigerians should not stampede the Nigerian Communications Commission into taking actions that would hamper the much-needed Foreign Direct Investment in the sector.
According to source he said, no one should confuse local content with taking business from foreign investors and handing them over to locals without recourse to technical skill and financial competence within the value chain.
Many of the local Code Division Multiple Access operators are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain the heavy investments required to make their networks feasible, and are haemorrhage subscribers at an alarming rate, threatening their very existence.
He added that the CWG had taken advantage of the constant broadband infrastructure in the country to initiate a cloud-based subscription business, providing technology to SMEs tagged, CWG2.0.
He said, “Local content should not be about targeting a bigger share of the small cake, but rather baking a much bigger cake that can go round everybody, with people paying in the areas of their greatest strengths.”
The Executive Vice Chairman of the NCC, Dr. Eugene Juwah, said, “CDMA is dying because of lack of adequate investment capital. Telecoms are not for small companies, they must be capable or they will die.”He challenged local operators to make sure they imbibe sufficient skills and have access to finance, and display the requisite commitment, in order to be taken seriously.
On the issue of spectrum, the NCC EVC reiterated that the policy of spectrum vending would continue while the advertisement of information memorandum for the 2.6 GHz spectrum would be advertised in the coming days.