NCC tasks Nigerians on digitisation

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has urged Nigerians to key into the digitisation drive of the country.

The Chairman of the board of the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, Senator Olabiyi Durojaye stated this in Abuja at the Thanksgiving/Christmas Carols night organised by the NCC’s Christian Fellowship.

“This will increase the ICT sector’s contribution to the national GDP which will in turn drive economic growth, create jobs and transform the well-being of the citizenry in Nigeria”.

“Through the fourth industrial revolution that is digitisation, we must be at the forefront of it and we want all our staff to key into that vision. Look at Dubai, they are already planning 50 years ahead. We should be able to plan ahead, we have the talent and we must key into that and excel. Determination, positive thinking, yes we can...that’s what put the first black man in the white house. ICT has provided over 10% of our GDP and we want to provide more,” Durojaye noted.

He advised young Nigerians to take a lead from the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and work hard towards achieving their dreams.

“You remember the Facebook man who came here last year. He took 20 people from Phone village in Lagos; people who are regarded as low level in education. He took them away to help and employ them in their own centre in the US; in recognition of this process we are trying to do something similar here to identify those brilliant Nigerians and give them the opportunity and training and perhaps they will invent something new for this country that we can be proud of.”

Durojaye said the NCC is working to ensure that every Nigerian benefits from telecoms services. “I met with the president earlier this week and told him of our plan to drive fibre cable through the capital of all the 774 Local Government Areas in the country and he is in support of it and the minister is in support of it too. The good news is that Nigeria is stepping into the league of 5G in the world. Nigeria is the first in Africa.”

He advised Nigerians to be prudent and maintain integrity in discharging their responsibilities saying that Staff of the Commission needed to be trustworthy, hardworking and dedicated to their duties.

“My message to the staff of NCC is for them to work hard, be transparent, be discreet and be disciplined in all that they do; the country needs that. This is a highly blessed country, we are blessed in every aspect especially in intellectual talent from everywhere in the world. There is no university in the world without Nigerians as students and they are in the top class in those universities.” He added.

The Director Financial Services and President of the Christian Fellowship, NCC , Mr. Yakubu Gortor, said he was grateful to God who made it possible for them to be alive and healthy.

“The Bible says in Ephesians 5:18 that in everything we should give him thanks. It will be foolhardy for us to end the year without recognising that God himself has been faithful to us both as individuals, institution and as families.”