New US Embassy in UK World’s most Expensive

With a cost of $1billion, the new US Embassy in London is the most expensive in the world and includes safety features like a small moat and anti-bomb properties, reports quoting the Daily Mail said.

The new US diplomatic outpost is being relocated from the swanky neighbourhood of Mayfair to a more industrial one, Nine Elms, on the South Bank of the Thames, report The Independent

Though months behind schedule, the new building will have a 100-foot moat on the riverside which is supposedly designed to withstand terrorist attacks.

It also includes wavy glass cube design and a reportedly bomb-resistant exterior, anti-ram barriers, and a carbon neutral operation due to photovoltaic cells.

It would also be able to continue operation through any possible London power outages.

The US embassy says that traditional security measures like high perimeter walls are being eschewed for “a welcoming urban amenity, a park for the city that fuses the new embassy to the city of London. Alternatives to perimeter walls and fences are achieved through landscape design.”