Why Jonathan Should ‘Port’ to APC

I read with deep thoughts, the letter from Olusegun Obasanjo, a General  and veteran of the Nigerian Army; a former president and veteran of the Nigerian politics who may have willfully dug a gulf between himself and the current president, His Excellency, President Goodluck Jonathan.

The letter dated December 2, 2013 hit the tabloids on December 12, 2013 and it was an avalanche of allegations against Mr. President: Allegations that were not only weighty but were also crafted as if by the scriptural serpent who “beguiled” the woman.  

Naturally, the reactions to such a bombardment are ‘for and against’. Some say Obasanjo is not in the position to judge anyone, especially with his third term saga. Several others are saying Mr. President may very well be guilty as charged.
But...  but may I ask, what if…?

Is there a probability that Olusegun Obasanjo (only he could have written that letter-personally) had committed more atrocities during his tenure that his opinions should be irrelevant to the country; presuming that the country is peopled by intelligent individuals?

If I were the President, I will immediately begin a revolution in service delivery. I will set up committees on all manner of governance and give them executive powers if I must, to the end that I sprint towards 2015 so fast that the elections will be a mere referendum.

That way, he would have the opportunity to cleanse Nigeria of its past “thieves” –of course, that is if he finds the loot –Beginning with Olusegun Obasanjo.

One alternative for Mr. President in the interim is to allow himself to be boxed into a tight corner and rely on the victim-strategy; playing for sympathy and grabbing any electoral fortune that materializes from this. Another alternative is for Mr. President to do the unthinkable; eat his cake and have it. He crosses over to APC and gets APC to give him a proper “one term” as a precondition for ‘porting’ with their network.  
Don’t swear at me…   … It’s just thought.

I belong to the school that sees the possibility of a New Nigeria: A Nigeria that has moved from darkness to light so bright that the gloom of today’s darkness fades away permanently - A country where honest people can go about their affairs in the day and sleep soundly at night.  

Some of us do not bother with the politics; it’s the policies that bother us. The culture that is being transmitted by today’s leaders is no different from that of the classic god-father.

I do not know of any country where there is nobody – not a single individual who is unanimously recognised as being the greatest non sectional leader in its history.  A survey on the subject can spark a wrangle in Nigeria. Any entity that sets out to conduct such a survey will have to be transparently honest.

It’s a sad situation for our country.  And it is sad that we were born to witness it.
But we can choose, can’t we?
So today, we chose to live in happy times. We want to work in a happy and united Nigeria.

Eben Fhareed Joels