Inclusive government will expedite a rebound in capital market

A capital market watcher, Boniface Okezie, has said that inaugurating an inclusive government will expedite a rebound of the capital market.

Mr Okezie, President, Progressive Shareholders Association of Nigeria, said this in an interview in Lagos yesterday, the Voice of Nigeria reports.

He said that inaugurating an all inclusive government would douse the acrimony in the country and lead to harmony.

“Only an entrenched peace is what will lure investors into the equities market and make it vibrant again as the market fundamental is good and means for making amazing returns if peace is entrenched,’’ he said.

He said that aggrieved political parties should address their disputes through the court process in order not to cause apprehension in the market.

He noted that to lure investors into the economy, the governing party should constitute an economic cabinet after its inauguration.

“Inaugurating a cabinet will enable the Buhari government hit the ground running immediately and send signals to investors that they mean business.

“The government should sustain its infrastructural drive across the country in order to spur growth in the economy,’’ he said.