E-commerce Embraced by Nigerians

Report compiled after a recent survey of a pool of online participants across various locations in the country showed that the second quarter of 2014, has shown a rising growth in the state of digital media and users’ online behaviour in Nigeria over the past 12 months. Growth was shown in the area of Internet usage, social media participation and e-commerce, and the opportunities the trend presents for marketers.
The comparative study shows growth patterns from 2013 to 2014, with focus on mobile phone and Internet usage, broadband penetration, Mobile Number Portability and mobile money. Study showed that there had been a 15 per cent increase in users’ purchases online from results in 2013.
As at June 2014, 63 percent of Nigerian Internet users had bought at least one item online and sixty percent of these buyers claimed using their mobile phones for these purchases.
This increase in e-commerce activities was apparent in the increase in Internet penetration through mobile, increase in data bundle purchases and online activities such as search, social media interaction, downloads and emails, within the period.
 A huge number of these purchases were mobile-driven, and mobile is the first and major point of access for all Internet activities.
Also the research showed 86 percent of respondents who claimed to carry out research about an item before making a purchase, and 80 percent who pointed at mobile as their major podium for research.