Organisation for Truthful Rebirth Launched in Lagos

A group of vibrant Nigerians, passionate about creating and being ‘the change’ that the nation requires, has launched the Organisation for Truthful Rebirth (OTR), a non-profit making movement, to champion its cause.

At the launch of the organisation, which held at the Protea Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos, on Saturday, August 17, 2013, Eben Akinyemi, the Convener of OTR, said the establishment of the organisation was necessary because Nigeria needs ‘a voice’ for doing things right.

Akinyemi said, “Our motives are clear. We just want to be a voice for doing things right in this country. We want to be a voice for business. We want to be a voice for change. We also want to show that when two or three people gather together and reason with themselves, they can change the world.”

He said that OTR will preach the gospel of a new Nigeria, where citizens will be judged on the strength of their characters, and not on the strength of how much money they can spend.

The organisation, which will have its presence in every State of the Federation and in every Local Government, also presented its National Coordinator, Moses Adedeji, to the members of the press.

In his remark, Adedeji said that truth has taken flight out of Nigeria; hence, the need for a rebirth of truth, which is central to national development.

“The launching of OTR today marks the beginning of a new dawn. It is a platform to effect fundamental changes through re-orientation and conscientisation of our people, individually and collectively to speak the truth and do only that which has truth embedded in it,” Adedeji said.