Nigerian Receives $350m Fund for Water Resources

Nigeria gets $350 million apart from the initial $550 million fund given by the World Bank to assist Nigeria to attain her transformation agenda in the water sector.

According to the Head of Private Public Partnership (PPP) and the Director, Urban Water Sector Reform, Ministry of Water Resources, Mr. Benson Ajisegiri who spoke in Abuja, during the 2nd Training Workshop on Water Agencies Performance Assessment and Benchmarking, was optimistic that the forthcoming money would go a very long way in actualising the Vision 20-20-20 goal of water resources in Nigeria.

In his words: “Earlier, we have been faced with the problem of non-availability of safe and adequate water supply and resources, but with the initial $500 million assistance we received from the World Bank and the second face of $350 million coming up before 2014, Nigeria will be well sufficient in the area of water resource.”