House Design

What Your Office Design Says About You

Your office, like your home and even your clothes has a look and a feel. The colours and structure reveal a lot about your personality; give people a strong impression about the kind of person you are and respond accordingly, whether or not you decorated it.

When a person enters a drab office with dishevelled designs, that person is influenced to be irritable and discontent. An organised and pleasantly designed office would have the opposite effect on such person.

Tricks To Make Your Home More Spacious

Mirrors: Mirrors create an illusion of space by ‘doubling’ the room in your eyes. Fit large vertical mirrors on 3 of the walls. You can have them as wide as possible and they are beautiful and ‘fresh’ as well.

Another space ‘opening’ factor of mirrors is the fact that they multiply the light in the room by reflecting onto strategic angles of the room. The ‘crystal’ appeal of mirrors make your room look and feel more ‘expensive’.