Cultivation of Vegetables, Good for Export –Expert

An agriculturist Dr Ikechi Agbugba has called on the Nigerian governments to encourage cultivation of vegetables for exportation.

Agbugba explained that vegetables such as pumpkin leaves, bitter-leaf, water-leaf and others could improve foreign exchange for the nation, Voice of Nigeria reports.

“Key players in these vegetable farming and marketing are mostly women who cultivate them in small and medium scales and Vegetable consumption provides nutritional security for the body.”

Agbugba, who lectures at Rivers State University of Technology, said many sicknesses occurred due to inadequate consumption of vegetables.

“Okro, for instance, is a blood volume cleanser and can be preserved for days under chilled environment. It is these storage and preservation facilities, better transportation of the vegetables and improved variety of seedlings, that require government’s involvement and attention,” he said.

According to him, farmers required minimal capital to cultivate vegetables which were in demand during dry season.

He therefore called on government to support vegetable farming and encourage its exportation which could earn the desired foreign exchange.