Agriculturist Urges Govt. to Enlighten Youths on Benefits of Farming

An Agriculturist, Eniola Ajewole, on Wednesday urged government at all levels to enlighten unemployed youths on the benefits of farming to make them to embrace the profession.

Ajewole, Director, Ajelak Farms Ltd., who made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Ikole, said that youths’ engagement in agriculture would provide employment for millions, who are jobless.

He said enough sensitisation and awareness on the need to embrace agriculture should be carried out by government agencies, saying that youths required attitudinal change towards farming to make them embrace it.

According to him, a great percentage of unemployed youths see farming as a profession meant for illiterates and rural dwellers.

“Many of them, even those who studied agriculture courses in tertiary institutions, believed that offices were the only places they can work.

“So government needs to orientate them through series of workshops, talks and awareness campaigns to let them know that farming is beyond what they think,’’ he said.

Ajewole attributed the scourge of unemployment, the economic crisis and high cost of food in the society to the neglect of farming.

He said that Nigeria was blessed with fertile farmland and favourable climate condition for farming and wondered why the sector was abandoned for so long.

The agriculturist urged government to take urgent steps to revive the sector and make adequate budgetary provision in 2016 to implement its agricultural policies.

He called on government to ensure that every `kobo' pumped into the sector was properly monitored and judiciously utilised to avoid the repeat of what happened during the past administration.