Fashion Ethics

There is a popular adage that says, “Dress the way you want to be addressed.” Copying every style in vogue, in the name of fashion, without thinking whether it suits you or not, calls for the need for people to understand the nitty-gritty of what fashion entails.

In modern times, fashion has become an indispensable aspect of human’s everyday activity and lifestyle. Given the history of fashion and how it’s been evolving, there is no concrete definition for fashion; just as the saying goes, “Different strokes for different folks.” Everyone has different ways, ideas and orientation about fashion. This is due to the fact that most people see fashion from different points of view, and this has been the bone of contention for many centuries, between the conservatives and progressives.

Also, considering the alarming rate at which fashion diffuses, with its consciousness growing across the globe, one cannot help but appreciate the media which seems to be doing everything in its power to propagate the new fashion trends and how to maintain fashion ethics.

Media and Fashion
However, must everything exhibited in the media, in the name of fashion, be imitated without limits and thought for our moral and cultural values? Must everyone adopt all the trends in vogue, irrespective of how comfortable they feel? It’s actually shocking how people ‘fall over themselves’ in order to join the fashion bandwagon. Many people go for the latest styles in town, irrespective of the designs and their body masses; while some have even gone as far as blindly copying the runway couture, disregarding whether or not it is wearable.

This fashion rave seems to be never ending as media consumers try as much as possible to imitate every style worn by celebrities on runways and fashion blogs, without consideration.

There are various arguments about the type of clothing to be worn to occasions and how not to wear them. These days, people are fast disregarding fashion ethics and mixing styles up. How does one explain a cloth which barely covers not-for-public parts of the body to a job interview?

Creating a Good Niche with Styles
Although, this article is not to criticise anyone’s fashion beliefs –as we are all free to wear whatever we find comfortable, it is, however, important to encourage us to present ourselves, appropriately, to the society and also create a good niche with our styles.

Should you want to create a business, out of the so many aspects of fashion, you need to first understand the ethics as an individual before you can convince another person to believe in what you want to offer. You can’t be horribly dressed to an occasion and expect to get a client who will like you to style him or her.

Before following a trend, you must learn to study and observe the environment. Know what your environment wants to wear. You don’t design/sell a spaghetti top during winter; likewise, you don’t design/sell a sweatshirt during summer. If you are able to capture what the end consumer wants, the sky might be your starting point.

You have to strive to be creative and be broad in your horizon. Don’t be stagnant in your creativity and expect to grow. Let your creativity surprise your customers. They should not be able to predict what your next collection will be; this can be the major edge over your competitors.

Adetutu Balogun is a Business Development Executive and a fashionista.