Nollywood Veteran Seeks Support for Theatre, Stage

Nollywood veteran actress Joke Silva, on Friday, appealed to governments at all levels to put in place policies that would rejuvenate stage and theatre shows among Nigerians.

Silva made the appeal in an interview on the sidelines of a media briefing on a 3-man play written by Onukaba Ojo, and entitled: `Her Majesty’s Visit’ scheduled to be staged on Dec. 12 and Dec. 13 in Abuja.

``Our Government must put up policies that would make theatres accessible to the art lovers and the people generally.

``Theatre plays an ambassadorial and intellectual role in the society either as entertainment or culture.

``Theatre brings you close to your audience, encouraging more understanding and interaction between the Actor and the audience unlike the screen movies; there is neither restriction nor barriers,’’ she said.

Earlier, Mr Patrick Otoro, the Producer, who gave a synopsis of the play, said that the play x-rayed migration challenges; the mother-in-law factor in the African family setting where a man that is the husband is cut in between his wife and mother.

He said the play which was multifaceted, also corrected the impression that the grass is always greener on the other side for those who leave the country and seek better life in Europe and other places.

Otoro explained further that the play would help in rekindling the love of theatre among Nigerians.

He expressed concern over the dilapidated nature of the existing theaters across the country, adding that some of them had been turned to commercial ventures.

Otoro commended the Korean Cultural Centre for its support in promoting Nigeria’s culture and stage performances over the years.

The other actors in the play include; Najite Dede, and Otoro, the producer, while the director is Chidi Ukwu.