Nollywood Filmmakers Urged to Embrace Modern Technology

Nollywood filmmakers have been advised to proactively employ alternative film-making formats, to satisfy viewers in the fast developing digital society.

Ezeroum Ugwu, a movie producer gave the advice in an interview in Lagos.

He stressed that filmmakers would be more relevant if they imbibed ``technical savvy initiatives’’ that could entice viewers to purchase movies.

According to him, the film-making business had been highly influenced by technology and practitioners must take advantage of it to improve the standard of movie production.

``The average movie producer can give the best of quality mostly in terms of videos with the aid of modern technology.

``All the skills and knowledge needed by a movie producer to produce movies that will meet the standards can be found online; but it is obvious we still do not use it to our advantage,’’ Ugwu said.

The filmmaker said that technology provided the platform for talented individuals to make a living by putting up their craft in public places.

``As we speak, everything has gone digital and that is a great tool that has been used to empower individuals, who never thought they will gain ground in the industry.

``Recently, talented acts do skits, soaps and other web series that have proven to be highly marketable and revenue generating, compared to sales of hard copies of movies or clips,’’ he said.

Ugwu said that the fight against piracy was gradually gaining grounds in the country, with the invention of technology used in clips that attract fee online.

``With the entire industry almost finding itself on the internet, we can now come together as guilds and other associations under Nollywood to fight piracy, using the internet,’’ he said.