Nigerians' Movie Scripts Improving, Says Producer

Nollywood producer, Mr Adonijah Owiriwa, on Monday said that Nigerians' movie scripts would continue to improve as the industry progresses.

Owiriwa, who recently produced a movie titled, `76,’’ told the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos that better storyline would come with time.

He said that for instance, the theme of rituals featured in most Nigerian movies originated from the experiences of the filmmakers.

``The storyline will gradually change to other aspects of human activities as the industry progresses.

``In terms of scripting, I mean writing stories, each and every filmmaker in the industry has where they are coming from, has their different story sources.

``Stories are not expected to be the same; my own view about life might be different from Mr B’s view of life; so, stories certainly must be different and this must be expected and accepted in a developing country like Nigeria.

``We are still developing, Americans have been there for decades now; you don’t expect us to have the same story source.

``So, in terms of stories and technicalities, they will be so much different from what we are experiencing now with time. Years back, it was different but today it has improved a little.

``Tomorrow, things will change too; since life is all about change and the only thing that is constant is change.

``Better storyline is still coming with time, `` he said.

Owiriwa said that his experiences as a civilian contributed to his coming up with the storyline in his movie ``76’’.

``The story dwells on the travails of an upright young military officer who was involved in a botched coup attempt,’’ he added.

Owiriwa, a filmmaker with more than 10 years of experience, has produced numerous movies and worked with Nollywood stars like: Ramsey Noah, Rita Dominic and Chidi Mokeme.