‘Inadequate Fund, Training Inhibiting Nigeria's Film Industry’

A motion picture actor, Samuel Ajibola, has said that lack of formal training, inadequate funds and poor quality thespians had inhibited the growth of the nation’s creative sector.

Ajibola said that the situation was responsible for the production of low quality films when compared to those produced by Hollywood or Bollywood movie makers.

He said, “You cannot compare a film where someone spends $70 million to one that was produced with N4 million or thereabout.

“This challenge in turn limits the creativity in the written expression of script writers, because no matter how good the script is, they will never get funded.

“If the film sector gets the required funding the way it should, lots of things will be in place for better filming and good script writing.''

He stressed that it was only when there are well rounded actors in the landscape that the quality of movie production would be boosted.

“In any profession, when someone has not learnt the ropes, like having a formal training, lack of discipline will definitely rear its head.

“The industry is currently an all comers affair, which is why there are very few professionals engaged in the business,’’ he said.