SMEs, stakeholders meet to fast track business sustainability

Small scale businesses in Nigeria’s commercial capital, Lagos, are meeting with key stakeholders in line with efforts to fast track their growth and sustainability.

The two day event organised by the small and medium enterprises development agency in collaboration with the Nigerian investment promotion commission (NIPC) will explore avenues of cooperation between small businesses and larger corporations and companies.

The event is part of the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) market linkage initiative.

All over the world, micro, small and medium enterprises have continued to enjoy huge support from government because of their massive potential to stimulate economic growth and reduce unemployment.

But challenges such as difficulty in obtaining finance, low patronage among others have substantially hindered the growth of small scale businesses not only in Nigeria but across the globe.

The market linkage initiative is therefore a veritable avenue where small and medium scale enterprises can meet with larger businesses in a mutually rewarding relationship to drive the economy and provide much needed jobs for the country’s growing population.