Expert Urges Mining Firms to Engage Professionals on Mineral Extraction

A Mining Consultant, Mr Oluchi Nwoko, has called on mining companies to engage experts to facilitate the diversification plan of the current administration from oil to solid minerals.

Nwoko, the Managing Director, Seventy One Nigeria Limited, said that the use of experts, consultants, contractors and service providers would aid easy extraction of minerals.

He said that mining companies that used the experts would record huge development, adding that successful mining countries always engaged such experts.

``Over a decade now, we the mining consultants, contractors and service providers have been trying to sell our opinion to mining companies but we discovered that they are not interested.

``That is why we stepped back and stop providing mining services to mining companies; the three experts are key component to the development of mining in Nigeria.

``Without us, the progress of mining companies will be slow for miners to operate effectively; they need experts like us because a miner cannot be a geologist and mechanical engineer at the same time.

`` They need to pay for experts services; if mining companies refuse to pay and decide to do it all alone, they will definitely make mistakes and loose funds, ’’ he said.

Nwoko said that the duties of mining consultants were to conduct pre-feasibility study, environmental impact assessment, business plan, get relevant agencies and government approval for licences, among others.

``After the consultant concludes its own duties, the contractor will now commence exploration, mining development plan and actual physical mining.

``Service providers are to supply diesel, explosive devices and drilling consumables; they are very essential at the sites for the maintenance of equipment, internet software, among others.

``Mining is a very big project with huge financial benefit that requires specialists and they must be paid; there is no mining project that is less than billions of naira revenue generation every month.

``A small mine with good minerals can actually earn more than a state,’’ Nwoko said.