Eben Joels–A Unique Entrepreneur

Eben Joels is the co-founder of Stransact LLP, a professional services firm. The Chartered Accountant and Chartered Management Accountant recently founded Boston Knowledge Company (BKC) LLC, a specialised strategy firm in US.  BKC specialises on visioning and business mapping services, as well as specialist knowledge brokerage for growing businesses.

You Need Passion to Succeed in Business

One of the most important traits an entrepreneur should have in order to become successful is passion. With passion in place, a person will have the strength to keep going in business even in the face of challenges.

Oyinlola Mamudu left her trouble-free nursing career after three years of practice to pursue her love for business. She took the bold step and followed her dream. Today, she is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Lomads Ventures Limited, an oil & gas company, as well as the CEO of Beauty 4 Ashes, an event management firm.

Farming is Good Business

Shortly after graduation, Lanre Isah, the co-founder of Pangorado Limited, an agricultural production company, looked away from the white-collar jobs and went to the farm. All he had was a small piece of land he rented. But little did the graduate of political economics and philosophy know that greater farming opportunities will be entrusted to him.

‘You Don’t Need Money To Start A Business’

The success story of Monalisa Abimbola Azeh, the founder of Mona Matthews, a Nigerian shoemaking company, rekindles hope for many aspiring entrepreneurs who might be thinking of jettisoning their dreams because they lack the financial wherewithal. Mrs. Azeh started her shoemaking business with no capital. Today, her company is worth several millions of naira. Mona Matthews produces hand-made shoes with matching bags for women, as well as high quality leather footwear for men.

Nigeria is a Great Place for Business -JMG

While the Nigerian government has continued to intensify efforts in generating stable power supply for its citizens, JMG generators, FG Wilson’s partner in Nigeria, has promised to remain committed in filling the gap insufficient power supply currently created in the country.

Ken Crawford, JMG’s Product and Process Development Manager, in an interview with FinIntell said his firm will ensure Nigerians enjoy high quality generators as it continues to establish itself as the nation’s foremost generator dealer offering remarkable products and after sales support.

Ope Banwo –The Serial Entrepreneur

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” This famous quote from Winston Churchill best describes the life of Dr. Ope Banwo, an accomplished attorney and entrepreneur.

In his 28 years of doing business, Dr. Ope Banwo has started over 50 businesses; although he admitted that majority of those businesses were “spectacular failures.” He said his “mistake-driven life,” comparable to Rick Warren’s “Purpose-driven Life,” has made him a better serial entrepreneur, business start-up specialist, author, and a corporate solutions provider.

Tope Williams –Taking The Lead

Young, bold and beautiful, Temitope Williams is a fashion entrepreneur and the brain behind Martwayne Dynamiques, a fashion retail, consulting and training outfit set up for the sole purpose of giving individuals “power through fashion.” Having worked in an education consultancy firm and as an analyst in the tax, regulatory and people services unit of KPMG Professional Services for two and half years, Ms Williams resigned to pursue her love for fashion far away in South Africa.