Power Generation Drops by 1000MW as Gas Plants Shutdown

The shutdown of Utorogu and Ughelli East gas plants by the Federal Government will bring about a drastic drop in power supply in some part of the country including Lagos in the next three weeks.

A number of power generating stations including Egbin and Omotosho receives gas from these two shutdown gas plants and this is expected to lead to a drop in power generation by about 1000 megawatts from about 3,674 megawatt at which it was.

According to the Minister of Power, Prof. Chinedu Nebo, the shutdown of the two gas plants was to ensure their proper maintenance.

The installed capacity for Egbin, Omotosho I and Omotosho II power stations are put at 1,320MW, 336MW and 252MW. However, as of last week, the power stations were generating 550MW, 141MW and 105MW. While other power stations were said to be generating about 300MW.

The Minister also disclosed that the closure of the gas plants would affect the output of power generation stations taking gas supplies from these plants.

Prof Nebo said ‘’I am publishing the planned closure for the maintenance by the Nigerian Petroleum Development Corporation of its Utorogu and Ugheli East gas plants.

‘’This will no doubt have an impact on the power stations fed by these gas plants, which include Egbin and Omotosho. The plants which are to be shut for a short period of time on different dates will inevitably result in a temporary loss in generated power.

‘’This is regretted, but I assure you all that it will not last longer than the short period needed for the maintenance and re-commissioning work and our experts will work to ensure that available power is distributed in a manner to minimize inconvenience to consumers’’.

The Minister also informed that power supply which is still a focal point of the Goodluck Jonathan administration is constantly receiving priority attention for the purpose of justifying resources spent and meeting the yearnings of Nigerians and investors.

‘’At the completion of this scheduled maintenance and upgrade, there will be improved gas production and quality from the plants which will noticeably increase the output of the affected power plants and increase generated power.

‘'I, therefore, solicit the understanding, cooperation and support of all for the duration of the gas plants shutdown, while regretting the inconvenience which it might cause to parts of the country where supply will be temporarily affected’’ said the Minister.