High Pump Price: DPR Seals Filling Stations

The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) on Wednesday said it sealed six filling stations in Sokoto metropolis for selling petrol above the government approved pump price.

Mr Nura Kamba, Head, Retail Outlets and Marketing of DPR, told newsmen after an enforcement exercise of the government approved pump price.

He said that all the sealed filling stations were also fined N100,000 per pump.

'' We have also forced the filling stations to dispense the product at N 86.50, while officials of the agency will monitor the sales.

''The operations will be sustained to ensure that motorists are not cheated as the products were now being made more available by the NNPC,`` he said.

He said that the department had taken measures to arrest and reprimand all filling stations selling the commodity at night and in the early hours.