Grid Instability Affects Power Supply in Egbin, Kainji and Other Power Plants

The Transmission Company of Nigeria disclosed that as a result of grid instability, the power generation in the country has dropped from 3,337 MegaWatts to 2,932MW in a space of five days.

The power plants affected by the instability included the Egbin gas power station, Kainji hydro power plant and Afam IV-V gas power plants.

The report stated that Egbin, Kainji and Afam IV-V are currently generating 402MW, 55MW and 0MW, respectively compared to 497MW, 92MW and 59MW, the plants were generating respectively five days ago.

Also, the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria running Afam VI power plant recorded an output of 311MW compared to 435MW of power it recorded five days ago.

The spokesperson for SPDC, Mr. Precious Okolobo, said, “There was grid instability yesterday (Saturday), which accounted for the drop in power generation, and this has now stabilized and the Afam VI power plant is now producing 435MW.”

The report also revealed that Alaoji NIPP, Omoku plant, Rivers IPP and Trans Amadi plant are not generating any power.

Also, the Shiroro hydro plant which was doing 240MW five days ago, recorded 237MW power generation.

Last week, unutilised generation capacity of the Omotosho NIPP GT13 and 4, Ihovbor GT4, Olorunsogo Gas GT1-4, 7 and 8, Omotosho Gas GT1 5-8, AES barge 202, 204 and 207-211; Geregu NIPP GT21-23, and Geregu Gas GT11 and 12, were 240.8MW, 50.6MW, 93.7MW, 89.1MW, 181.8MW, 325MW and 136MW, respectively.

In the same vein, Egbin ST1-5, Sapele NIPP GT3 and 4, Sapele ST2, Olorunsogo NIPP GT2 and 3, Delta GT4, 8, 10-12, 16, 17 and 20 had shortfalls of 607MW, 107.5MW, 22MW, -1.4MW, and 74MW, respectively.

Low water level is also reported to affect power generation following the partial shutdown of the Shiroro and Jebba hydro stations. The stations are currently performing below optimal levels as a result of the low water level.

The recent generation figure from the TCN states that Nigeria is losing about 330MW to this constraint.