Environmentalist Urges Prosecution of Importers of Substandard Solar Panels

An Environmentalist, Atayi Babs, has called on the Federal Government to prosecute importers of substandard solar panels and renewable energy materials into Nigeria.

Mr. Babs said that such incident would discourage Nigerians from embracing substandard renewable energy. He added that the problem of importing substandard panels should be urgently tackled by the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) and other relevant agencies by arresting and prosecuting culprits.

“Many substandard panels and renewable energy materials have been coming into the country and some agencies and individuals have had avoidable challenges for buying substandard products. They buy these materials, only to discover that what they were given are fake products.

“The Federal Government needs to set up clear cut standard on renewable materials that should come into Nigeria,” he said.