Electricity Coy Urges Safety in Use of Appliances

In an effort to prevent electrical accidents, the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) has advised members of the public to be careful in the way they handle appliances, NAN reports.

Its Head of Communications, Eugene Anionwo, in Enugu on Wednesday said, ``Electricity is a good servant but a bad master; don’t allow it to control you. It has laws.

``People that do ironing with wet hand, touch electric wires, do a lot of things, it is very dangerous.

``Some build under our high tension (wires), some trade under them, some even buy land and build on a very high tension wire.

``Many people are endangering their lives. It is not good.

``Please make sure you don’t toy with electricity; few seconds it can kill. And advise your children, your wards (on being careful with electricity).

``And some people when they take light, they will now ask a child to go and change to blue face or green face, before you it, these things can spark and wound somebody, injure somebody or get them electrocuted.

``We don’t wish that any of our customer, even the public would die because of electricity.

``And any time they see wire cut!, wire cut!! Whether you think is died or alive don’t go near it, just alert us. We will rush that place and secure the area.

``We want people to be alive (in 2016).’’

Anionwo assured electricity consumers of efficient service in 2016.

He said that the company would roll out more transformers for installation.

According to him, the company has trained its personnel spread across 19 of its district area offices to be responsive to the needs of its customers.