Oando Changes Business Strategy

Oando Marketing Plc has made a new addition to its growing network of 600 stations nationwide with the opening of another mega station at Berger, along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

Other mega stations owned by the company are in Marina, Maryland, and Lekki in Lagos as well as another in Abuja. The company said in a recent statement that the station, which formally opened its gates to motorists recently, offers customers a modern and friendly environment that will engender delivery of optimal services.

For fuel, customers will be served from any of the eight modern fuel dispensing pumps installed at the station. The pumps are fitted with e-payment terminals that enable customers to buy fuel using their ATM debit and credit.

Oando Marketing recently introduced a 3kg cooking stove to reduce the burden of cooking on low income households. Households can also refill at the cylinders using the company’s Pay-As-You-Gas system that allows customers to buy cooking according to their requirements using a metering system.

For more than 50 years, Oando Marketing has championed efficient distribution of quality petroleum products through an expansive network using passionate and dedicated human resources.