LCCI to Provide Training for Entrepreneurs

The Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) has commenced a systematic and qualitative training programme for established and budding entrepreneurs who wish to develop their businesses and add value to services provided for their clients. This is in addition to its mandate of public advocacy, research, arbitration and trade promotion.

Larry Segun-Lean, the Chairman, Training Committee of the LCCI’s Business Education, Services and Training (BEST) unit, disclosed this while presenting the Chamber’s 2013 Training Programme to the media. He said LCCI had realised the need to further support businesses to improve on their operations.

“These enterprises must necessarily be given business support and developmental services, especially training, to increase their chances of developing from small to medium-sized, and then into large companies, thus creating the next generation of fortune-500 companies in Nigeria,” Mr. Segun-Lean said.