Chinese firm to run Nigerian airports

The minister of aviation Stella Oduah has made a case for Chinese takeover of international airport in Nigeria.
Mrs Oduah said this in an April 4 memo to President Goodluck Jonathan titled “Proposed management structure for international airports and perishable terminal in Nigeria.”
In the same memo, the minister informed the Presidency about the registration of “Nigeria 1 Aviation Limited” as Nigeria’s national carrier.

The minister identified Fraport AG Airport Services Worldwide (“FRAPORT”) a Chinese firm, which it described as a reputable international airport operator, as the preferred contractor.

According to the minister, the MoU was signed because of the need “to guarantee the proper maintenance of the remodelled and new airport terminals and facilities to the highest international standards, in order to safeguard government’s investments in the airport infrastructure as well as ensure the sustainability of government’s effort at transforming the sector.”