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Doing Business In Lagos: The Burden And The Reward

Eighty percent of registered businesses in Lagos, Nigeria, as at 2011, were not in existence 20years ago, this is according to officials of the Corporate Affairs Commissions (CAC). It therefore implies that in spite of the harsh operating environment, more people are still seeking investment opportunities in the country, especially in Lagos, the nation’s commercial capital and home to over 20million inhabitants.

Mergers and acquisitions: Bad for customers’ morale?

When a bank changes its name, it takes a while for the customers to get used to it. Those banking with Intercontinental Bank got the information about the change of status on the banks’ Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) that ‘their’ bank, Intercontinental Bank, is glad to be a subsidiary of Access Bank plc.

They have absolutely no say in the matter, regardless of how much was in their account or how long they have been customers of the bank.