First Bank Offers Diverse E-Business Transactions

First Bank has said that it is providing different electronic means of transacting business for its depositors in order to give them easy access to their funds.

The bank, in a statement, said it had come up with the Expression Card, Firstonline and Firstmonie electronic means of accessing deposits and fostering transactions.

While explaining some of the benefits of the Expressions Card, it described it as a customised card that was designed from any convenient location for the banks depositors.

One of the benefits, according to First Bank, is granting immediate access to the owners’ naira savings or current account anywhere in the world.

The bank said that the card was accepted globally anywhere the MasterCard logo was displayed.

It added that the depositors also received alert on all transactions such as purchases, transfers and withdrawals made by them.

It explained that the Expression Card was secured by chip and pin technology and was accepted across all channels such as Point of Sale and Automated Teller Machines.

While explaining the Firstonline, the bank said, “It allows transfer of funds between two First Bank account holders, also to other banks.”

“With this new technology, customers can also perform international fund transfers. It allows airtime recharge and bills payments, online cheque confirmation, instant access to the owner’s account information and downloading of bank’s statements in different formats.”

The bank explained that Firstmonie was a mobile payment service by FirstBank that enabled phone users to send and receive money, pay bills, buy airtime and do lots more with their mobile phones without a bank account.

“The mobile phone number serves as the account number. These means of e-transactions have been made easy and can be accessed on the Internet,” it added.