Nigeria is a Great Place for Business -JMG

While the Nigerian government has continued to intensify efforts in generating stable power supply for its citizens, JMG generators, FG Wilson’s partner in Nigeria, has promised to remain committed in filling the gap insufficient power supply currently created in the country.

Ken Crawford, JMG’s Product and Process Development Manager, in an interview with FinIntell said his firm will ensure Nigerians enjoy high quality generators as it continues to establish itself as the nation’s foremost generator dealer offering remarkable products and after sales support.

Ope Banwo –The Serial Entrepreneur

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” This famous quote from Winston Churchill best describes the life of Dr. Ope Banwo, an accomplished attorney and entrepreneur.

In his 28 years of doing business, Dr. Ope Banwo has started over 50 businesses; although he admitted that majority of those businesses were “spectacular failures.” He said his “mistake-driven life,” comparable to Rick Warren’s “Purpose-driven Life,” has made him a better serial entrepreneur, business start-up specialist, author, and a corporate solutions provider.

Tope Williams –Taking The Lead

Young, bold and beautiful, Temitope Williams is a fashion entrepreneur and the brain behind Martwayne Dynamiques, a fashion retail, consulting and training outfit set up for the sole purpose of giving individuals “power through fashion.” Having worked in an education consultancy firm and as an analyst in the tax, regulatory and people services unit of KPMG Professional Services for two and half years, Ms Williams resigned to pursue her love for fashion far away in South Africa.

‘Laundry Business is Beyond Clothe Washing’

While many Nigerians in Diaspora would prefer to remain abroad in search of greener pasture, Stephen Lanre Ojo, a patriotic Nigerian, decided to come back home to start a business after living and working in the United Kingdom. In this interview with FinIntell, Mr. Ojo, the founder and Managing Director of T&T Labims Concepts Nigeria Limited, a laundry business, explained why he chose laundry as a career and the challenges he had to overcome in running a business in Nigeria.

Why did you decide to go into laundry business?

Eno: The Lady Who Tracks Vehicles

Eno Essien is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Rheytrak, a vehicle tracking company with offices in Lagos and Abuja, as well as nationwide tracking coverage. The young, energetic businesswoman, who studied microbiology, built Rheytrak from the scratch. The Future Awards nominee shares with FinIntell the success behind Rheytrak’s vehicle tracking, vehicle recovery, and fleet management business.

Tell us your work experience and why you decided to start your own business.

Exploring E-business Solutions Market

Determined not to follow the conventional wisdom that encourages search for paid employment after school, Bolaji Finnih, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of RightClick Nigeria Limited, an e-business solutions provider with over a decade experience, shares with FinIntell why he decided to be his own boss early in life.
What motivated your decision to venture into business?

The Entrepreneur: From Banking To Haulage

Having worked in the banking industry for 12 years, Oriyomi Bankole, a Banking and Finance graduate with MBA masters in Finance, was inspired to setup his business when  his former employer gave a N40 million loan to an Igbo man who did not have any formal education and the man paid back as at when due. Whereas, he had seen the same bank gave loans of millions of naira to some highly educated individuals with well thought-out business plans who could not pay back.

The Employee Cum Entrepreneur

Autonomy is only a piece of the pie. Many of us crave the entire banquet. Some dream of running a firm of their own, others dream of having retail outlets, and some others want to explore their craving for art and craft.

Sometimes we want to ditch the employee tag and sometimes we only want a side hustle. Either way, or whatever the field, there are some basic things that must never take for granted.  These little bits of knowledge make the difference between success and failure in your entrepreneurial adventure no matter how fantastic you are as an employee.