Expert Urges Mining Firms to Engage Professionals on Mineral Extraction

A Mining Consultant, Mr Oluchi Nwoko, has called on mining companies to engage experts to facilitate the diversification plan of the current administration from oil to solid minerals.

Nwoko, the Managing Director, Seventy One Nigeria Limited, said that the use of experts, consultants, contractors and service providers would aid easy extraction of minerals.

He said that mining companies that used the experts would record huge development, adding that successful mining countries always engaged such experts.

Risk Control: Nigeria's Most Trusted Security Solutions Company

Risk Control Services is the Nigerian leader in providing multinational companies with customized security solutions and consulting services focused on fulfilling asset protection needs for business operations in Nigeria. Its services such as Background Checks, Security Risk Assessment, Accredited Security Training, Security Consulting, Anti-Counterfeits Services, and Forensic Solutions are the most trusted in Nigeria.

Eben Joels–A Unique Entrepreneur

Eben Joels is the co-founder of Stransact LLP, a professional services firm. The Chartered Accountant and Chartered Management Accountant recently founded Boston Knowledge Company (BKC) LLC, a specialised strategy firm in US.  BKC specialises on visioning and business mapping services, as well as specialist knowledge brokerage for growing businesses.

You Need Passion to Succeed in Business

One of the most important traits an entrepreneur should have in order to become successful is passion. With passion in place, a person will have the strength to keep going in business even in the face of challenges.

Oyinlola Mamudu left her trouble-free nursing career after three years of practice to pursue her love for business. She took the bold step and followed her dream. Today, she is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Lomads Ventures Limited, an oil & gas company, as well as the CEO of Beauty 4 Ashes, an event management firm.

Farming is Good Business

Shortly after graduation, Lanre Isah, the co-founder of Pangorado Limited, an agricultural production company, looked away from the white-collar jobs and went to the farm. All he had was a small piece of land he rented. But little did the graduate of political economics and philosophy know that greater farming opportunities will be entrusted to him.