Corruption, Tribalism, Religion Hamper Development –Osinbajo

Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo on Friday declared his stand on raging issues, including corruption, tribalism and religion which he said were the key problems hampering Nigeria’s development.

Osinbajo also talked on restructuring of Nigeria and agreed that “states should have more opportunities to develop themselves’’.

Osinbajo spoke at a Lagos conference, tagged: “Towards a Better Nigeria,’’ organised by leading Nigerian pastors.

He, however, did not elaborate on his statement on restructuring but recalled that the ruling APC party had two years ago talked about standing for devolution of powers.

“The APC manifesto in 2015 talked about devolution of powers and Nigeria may do more work to ensure that states are generating more income and people are paying more taxes.’’

Osinbajo decried the failure of Christian leaders in Nigeria to chart an agenda that would help to rid the country of vices.

“The key to development in Nigeria is the church. It is the church that will begin the process of unity by uniting itself first.

“What Nigeria needs is already written in the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Osinbajo said that to build a new Nigeria, “we need people of integrity, hard work and people with love for the country.

“It is this tribe that can configure the argument for change in Nigeria. The corrupt Nigerian elites are one tribe.

“In sharing their loot, they neither bring in ethnicity nor religion but only use such to create misunderstandings that will benefit themselves.

“The reason Nigeria is where it is today is because people do not really care. It is time people should stand up for what is right and join the fight against corruption.

“Corruption has become the rule in Nigeria and this must stop. It did not start with this administration and it is yet to stop.”